The municipality of Payerbach is situated where the Schwarza valley oozes its greatest charm.

If you look at it from one of the northern hills, it reminds you of a pastoral scene of a picture postcard or a detail of a model railway.

On the right and on the left side of brook Schwarza which murmurs smoothly here, there are beautiful mansions partly built during the so-called Sommerfrischezeit (a period when people decided to have a summer resort).

The park of Payerbach with its remarkable pavilion is considered to be an oasis of green spaces at the southern bank.

Behind the park there is the parish church built in Gothic style which is dedicated to Saint Jacob and which keeps an eye over the local authority of the village and the village itself.

But wait for this: this pastoral scene is surrounded by the Semmering railway which starts here. The longest viaduct, the Schwarza viaduct, demarcates the village towards the west.

From here you can also see the historical railway station with its park of the museum. Both of them are worth descending and visiting. The historical railway station is at the same time destination and starting point for the numerous wanderers who arrive daily in order to explore the wonderful landscape on the well-kept hiking tracks. One hiking track, the Semmering railway hiking track (its German is Semmeringbahn-Wanderweg), leads you from here to the Semmering railway station and offers you the most beautiful views of the World’s Cultural Heritage “Semmeringbahn” (Semmering railway) ( which celebrated its 150th birthday in the year 2004.

It was here, from Payerbach to Eichberg, with 25 mil the steepest ascent of the train, where in 1851 the famous race between the engines took place. One wanted to find out if an engine could cover the section and if so which engine was capable.

But Payerbach does not only offer beautiful landscape and impressive technology, but also culture as well. In addition – or maybe as a contrast to the Reichenau theatre festival – there has been the Payerbach musical festival for some years.

This is very briefly the essence of the interesting things Payerbach offers and which are worth a visit.

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